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wheat flour milling machine process

Wheat Flour Milling Machine is complete line

The processing of Wheat Flour Milling has about four section:


1.Cleaning section

After the wheat harvest, bagging storage to the silos, and then use the cleaning machine to remove impurities.

The detailed process is as follows:

Using vibration cleaning sieve and sieve removing machine, small straw, stone, hemp and other debris.

Use of magnetic separator for removing magnetic metal.

Use scourers on the surface of dust removal, wheat hair, embedded in the abdomen ditch sediment.


2.Wheat conditioning section

According to the different type of wheat grain we need different water and appropriate temperature, a process known as regulation.

Wheat grains in water to 18 to 72 hours will be flexible, wheat, bran and grain can be separated easily.


3.Flour milling section

Wheat can be used for leather, endosperm and malt separation milling operation.

Because of endosperm and bran combination is very close, their separation should be carefully scraped clean, minimizing the loss, avoid waste. The whole process is divided into rough grinding, purification and reduction.


Coarse milling uses a serrated steel roller shaft to rotate in the opposite direction at different speeds, and roll on roll faster than 2.5 times. Split skin and gently rolling out of the coarse grain of wheat and wheat bran in flat and large. By purifying and maintain pure endosperm fine particle separator in different proportion. Light skin floating into the wind, the rest of the heavier endosperm powder to reduce phase.


The crushed endosperm smooth roller milling machines mill into flour. The crushed malt can roll out germ cell separator. Fine flour can be divided into different grades of flour multilayer rotary sieve. Coarse particles can be milling, the fine particles can be cheap flour. Coarse fragments to further processing to remove malt and debris, thin fragments can be fine quality flour.


4.  Flour packing section

Automatic or manual sealing machine pack weight packaged into market needs.

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