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Delicious food of maize milling machine


maize milling machine business is a huge opportunity for Africa countries


Because of in Africa, people living standard rise, and the growing demand for the mazie, maize milling machine industry is also growing up. We learned a lot about the maize milling machine and maize final product demand.


We all know different countries have different purposes for the maize milling machines in Africa country, To maize milling machine, Uganda want super white maize flour, Kenya want super maize meal, Zambia want breakfast meal, roller meal, Tanzania want Pure maize flour and so on. South Africa want maize grits.

maize milling machine    maize milling machine

                                             maize milling machine

Delicious food in Africa called Ugali, but it is also has other names and similar foods in Africa country.

In Kenya, ugali is also known as kimnyet in Kalenjin, ngima in Kikuyu, kuon in Luo, Obusuma in the Nyole dialect of Luhya, nkima in Meru and obokima in Kisii (Ekegusii). In Uganda, ugali has several regional names, including posho. In Rwanda and Burundi, the dish is called ubugali, in Democratic Republic of the Congo it is referred to as bugali. In South Africa, a similar cornmeal mush called phuthu or mealie pap is a staple food;  And it is called isitshwala or bogobe in Botswana or sadza in Zimbabwe, nshima in Zambia, nsima in Malawi.



There are so many names of the food, but to our maize milling machine is no problem to produce best quality super fine maize flour, maize meal, maize grtis, maize rice,ect  to make delicious food for African friends.



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