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Wheat Flour Milling Complete Machine HDFW50

Wheat Flour Milling Complete Machine Capacity 50T/24H


Wheat Flour Milling Complete Machine

Capacity: processing wheat 50Ton per 24hours

Wheat Flour Milling Complete Machine1


Wheat Flour Milling Complete MachineTechnical for cleaning system:

Three sieves, Two beating, Two removing stone, and Two magnetic selecting.
Technical for flour system:
Six roller mills , five FSFJ2×12×83 double-bin sifter sieves, one FSFJ1*83 single sifter sieve make up of 4B,6M,1S and 2 bran brusher.
The parameter for 50T/D wheat flour milling machinery
1. Total length of the roller: 4800mm
2. Capacity(wheat/24h):   50T/24h
3. Power supply: about 180KW.
4. Total weight of the equipment: 30T
5. Dimension of the factory: 32000×8000×7500mm (tripod structure)
6. Container:40'× 3
wheat flour milling machine processing: 
Cleaning part: Beat: to remove dust sand small seed, bacterial count and insect seed.
Screening: to remove large and small impurities in the wheat seed.
Destoner: to remove stone in the wheat.
Magnetic separator: remove metal material in the wheat.
Dampening: to ensure the bran’s integrity during the milling processing.
Flour milling part: Mill: to break the integrity by the roller moving
Sifter: to separate the flour and bran, also separate large size and small size to enssure flour quality.
Packing part: The packing part: atuo and manual packing machine

Wheat Flour Milling Complete Machine has strong production capacity with high output.

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