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2020 Maize Mill

  • 500T maize mill machine
  • 500T maize mill machine
500T maize mill machine500T maize mill machine

500T maize mill machine

  • Product description:If you need more detail design and list ,official quotation please contact us freely by email ,leave SMS on Whatsapp or call us anytime!  You will gain the quick reply within 12 to 24hours. 

500T maize Super large scale maize mill machine

1.Where did you install your maize milling machine?

We have many machine in the world:South Africa, 100T/24H; Zambia 20t/24h, 30t/24h, 50t/24h, 100t/24h, 150T/24H; Kenya 30T/24H, 150T/24H. Uganda 30T/24H; Zimbabwe 150T/24H; Congo 30T/24H; Egypt, 60T/24H, 200T/24H; ETHOPIA 500T/24H; America 100T/24H; Brazil 200T/24H etc.

2.What is the specification?

The main details of 50T/24H maize milling machine for reference:
500t  warehouse size: Length:54M  Width:12M  Height:29M
Power:Electricity 220V/380V/440V    3phase  50Hz/60Hz     1000KVA
Successful Projects:Mozambique, Kenya, Zambia, Malawi, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, South Africa etc
Techniques flow: Raw maize →Cleaning →Moisture adjust →Peel and break →Embryo Select →Milling →Finished 
Product Cleaning flow: Raw maize →combined cleaner →conditioning damper →Horizontal Scourer →condition bin→ Clean maize

3.Are you a trading company?
No!!!!! We are a manufacturer ,have our own factory in Shijiazhuang City,China, 400km from capital city Beijing.
There is maize mill complete line running in our factory,you can visit here anytime!

4.What is your pre-sale and after sale service?
We supply the turnkey project service include installation,commissioning and training work.
We can design the whole line with the workshop and help the client reform their old

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