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150T Maize Milling Machine For Sale

maize milling machine for sale


Produce Name: 150T maize milling machines for sale, maize flour milling machines for sale

The new 150T maize milling machine is a compact mill developed for the entrepreneur looking to enter the maize meal market with a highly competitive product. This mill produces high-quality maize meal through an easily managed process.

HDFM150 enables the client to produce super and special maize meal, samp, brewers grits, fine maize flour – all in one machine. 

A compact machine in the true sense of the word True to HONGDEFA MILL tradition, one of the key benefits of the HDFM150 mill is that it’s a proper compact machine, which can be built on one level. The HDFM150 has a footprint of 200 square meters and is only 12 meters high. The roofs of existing sheds can be altered easily and cost-effectively to accommodate the machine, whilst no special concrete floors across different levels are required.


Simple yet technologically advanced

One of HDFM150 most important goals has always been to build simple high-quality machines, and the HDFM150 is no exception. A PLC computer, which switches on the process electronically, ensures hassle-free control of the HDFM150; all critical product levels are managed automatically and should a problem arise, the system switches off in the correct order to avoid possible damage. An operator controls the entire process from a computer. HONGDEFA only uses high-quality electronic and electric components from Europe and the USA.

The HDFM150 employs pneumatic transport that keeps the machine almost entirely dust-free.


The core technologies of our group are in the field of maize and wheat mill process engineering, with European technology, South Africa maize process, China wheat process, roll out unique and innovative wheat flour and maize meal processing line. It has the following features:

1. Roller Mills

 1)The partitioned paneling and swing-out feed module guarantee ideal access to the feeding and grinding rolls. This makes residue-free cleaning possible.

 2) a pulse generator automatically adjust the feed material at the entrance door

2. Roller: Two different alloys with a mixing ratio allow the perfect balance to be achieved between hardness and roughness.

3. Plansifter

   1) Material: High-strength alloy steel

   2)up and down sifter circles with steel plate overall by bending

   3)Transmission system using spring force component institutions

   4)Sieve frames of wood coated with synthetic resin,without backwire

   5)All the inside walls as well as the doors are provided with high-grade insulation

   6)Vertical and horizontal clamping system

4. Degerminator :

    dry degermination with low fat content.  

    Technology. Multi-faceted sieve tube design,the screen The high-quality stainless    

    steel nitriding treatment

5. Gravity grading sifter:

    Combined globoidal and Plane sifting form ,different weight nature classification

6. Dampener:

 maize milling machine for sale

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