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Honor of Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery

The Hebei Chamber of E-Commerce held an annual meeting on 15th, Jan. there are more than 50 companies attend the meeting.

At the annual meeting summarize the development achievements of the Company in 2016 and formulate the overall plan of the Company in 2017, including the plan, direction and target of the new year.

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To strengthen communication between employees, enhance team awareness, enhance the company's comprehensive competitiveness.

In recognition of excellence, by way of incentives to mobilize the enthusiasm of staff to encourage everyone in the new year, the work has excellent performance. Rich staff life, thank all the staff for a year to pay the hard work.


To issue certificates to outstanding enterprises in order to encourage.

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This year, the most memorable is big flooder in the summer time happened in our Jingxing country, Shijiazhuang city. Decades of rare, The mountains were badly damaged. The Chamber organized the companies to donate for the affected areas. As volunteers, we attend the rescue and donate foods, water, tent and so on for the affected people.


The Chamber awarded medals to the volunteers and companies.  The disaster is ruthless, We are very moved, with one heart and mind to make flooder small.