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How to start a maize milling machine project in Kenya?

How to start a maize milling machine project in Kenya?

As a salesperson worked for flour years at Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Flour Mill Machinery.  In the course of my work, I learned some precautions about maize flour machine and the precautions needed to start a maize flour machine in Kenya.

The agriculture is the second largest contributor to Kenya's gross domestic product (GDP), after the service sector. Thus, the development of agriculture has a great potential in Kenya, where the Kenya Highlands is one of the most successful agricultural production areas in Africa.

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For the maize milling machines in Kenya, I have the following suggestions:

First, when you prepare this matter, the first thing to consider is how to pick the right maize milling plant location. The location of your factory is best to have two conditions at the same time: one is close to your raw grain to buy land; the second is close to your sales market for maize grits. This will save you the transportation costs and make it easier for you to sell maize flour machine.


Second, you also need to think about the business strategy. if you purchase from farmers then sell the maize flour at market.. it requires not just for networks both with the maize growers and the flour buyers, but also well planned warehouses that are adequate to storage of both maize and flour.


Third, for the maize flour machine, you should consider a stable corn supply. If you want to run all year round, consider establishing a good relationship with farmers or maize suppliers, then you will get good maize prices.


The last, You also need to think about this maize milling machine need power. The complete line maize milling machine requires a high reliability power supply. Blackouts can cause significant equipment damage even in very short periods of time. The power station of the corn flour milling machine factory should be taken seriously by you.

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This maize flour milling factory that are adequate to storage of both maize and flour. You might have to look into investment in transport of flour as well as the market where to sell the maize flour. But that depends on the scale at which you wish to operate for this maize flour milling plant.

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Manager Mr Huang Qiang, technical manager of Hongdefa maize flour milling machinery, also has a really good answer. For a maize flour milling factory, he says that you should consider have responsible Miller, It is very important that he can guarantee the normal work of the equipment, manage the work of the workers and improve their work efficiency.


In addition, high-quality maize flour machines are indispensable for a maize mill. Our Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery has very rich experience in installing maize flour milling plant equipment in Kenya.


For example, we installed 20T/24H maize milling machine, 150T/24H maize mill machine in Nairobi, and in Nakuru we have 50tons and 30tons per 24h maize milling plant.  And the maize milling machine can produce the high quality of super white meal.

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Hongdefa team can send engineers to guide to do installation the maize flour milling machine and train workers. Hongdefa Machinery will be you best choice about maize flour mill machine.

Please contact us, know more about Hongdefa flour machinery, welcome to check on for more brochures, specifications and quote about maize flour milling machine.




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