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International Agricultural Fair

International Agricultural Fair

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The Republic of Serbia is located in the southeastern Europe, landlocked countries in the central Balkans, with an area of 88,000 square kilometers. Bordering Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania with a total length of 2457 kilometers. Serbia's geographical position on the Balkans has formed natural bridges and intersections between Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, and the Near East and Middle East. The economy of the Republic of Serbia is mainly dominated by services. Since the beginning of the twentieth century, Serbia has become part of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, whose main religion is Orthodox. Soccer is the most enthusiastic collective movement of the Serbs.

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Serbia is an important trading partner of China's southeast Europe region. It is helpful for the development of bilateral economic and trade cooperation.

Enterprises to understand the international market demand in Southeast Europe, expand international marketing channels, expand China's agricultural exports, the company will organize the "Chinese delegation" to participate in the "76th Serbian International Agricultural Exhibition." Please the relevant enterprises to seize the opportunity to exhibitors, display, promote the enterprise's products, strive for more products into the Southeast European market.

First, the exhibition name, time and place

Exhibition Name: 84th International Exhibition of Agriculture in Serbia

Exhibition time: May 15, 2017 - 18 days

Venue: Novi Sad International Exhibition Center, Serbia

Second, the market overview:

Southeast Europe market is the fastest growing economy in Europe, the average annual growth rate of 10 or more, following the Chinese mainland, the world's second largest potential market. Serbia is the region's most active market economy and an important trading partner in China. Serbia is an important frontier for companies trying to break into the Southeast European market. If the domestic enterprises can win a foothold in Serbia, it means that their products into the Southeast Europe, for the Chinese agricultural sales in Southeast Europe opened up a shortcut.

Serbia is more developed agriculture, the Danube, Sava River, Tisa River three rivers through the plain area, is the most important agricultural area, is the famous granary. The agricultural land resources of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia are abundant, and the area of ​​agricultural land is quite stable, which has a natural advantage for the development of agricultural production. The country's agricultural land area of ​​more than 620 million hectares, accounting for 60.9% of the country's land area, higher than the European average (47.1) and the world average (36.6). The average agricultural land area in Serbia is 4.6 hectares, 9.3 farmers have more than 8 hectares of land, the main crops are corn, wheat, sunflower, beet, soybeans and other food crops and a variety of vegetables, fruits, animal husbandry industry is more developed. Serbia was a net exporter of agricultural products in the 1980s, but the amount of production needed for agricultural production was dependent on imports.

Serbian agricultural production to the mechanization, chemical, seed the direction of development has been for decades. In the 1970s, through the free circulation of agricultural machinery, individual farmers were granted the right to purchase, and the number of agricultural machinery (especially tractors) they had had increased rapidly. In the 1990s, the number of tractors in individual farmers in the Southern League continued to increase, and the horsepower was large. But the current tractors and other agricultural machinery are mostly obsolete, the average life expectancy has been 15 years. Since the 1970s, due to the importance of improving the effective ingredients of fertilizers, the total amount of application decreased, but the active ingredients continue to increase.

Serbia is better off using the EU's preferential policies for its agricultural imports. At present, most of the agricultural products exported to the EU countries are exempt from customs duties and restrictions on the amount of treatment, in order to take full advantage of this preferential policies, the Government of the export potential of agricultural production sector preferential support for the traditional export of agricultural and agricultural enterprises Concessional loan. Serbia has continued to grow its exports to EU countries for five consecutive years. For the first time last year, the countries with economies in transition in Central and Eastern Europe have exported agricultural products to the EU market.

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